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Together, Mr. and Mrs. Swart share a rare kind of romance.

On paper, the two couldn’t have been more incompatible but since the second their paths crossed, the attraction and chemistry between them was about as subtle as a downpour of gasoline on a raging wildfire.

Many don’t know that Mr. Swart is the grandson of notorious Hungarian racehorse breeder, Sándor Swárt, most famous for breeding the fastest black Arabian Stallions in Europe. And Mrs. Swart hails from a long lineage of strong Slovakian woman who date all the way back to the 1600’s. Her mother and aunt raised Mrs. Swart, and her great-great-grandmother was one of the last feared women in Czechoslovakia for practicing powerful witchcraft.

Both fiercely fascinating in their own right, together, they’ve captured public curiosity and shot to A-list status overnight.

Their all-black, high fashion, jet-setting lifestyle is turning heads and taking names as they go. Between rubbing Armani shoulder pads with fellow business moguls; attending celebrity soirées and fine dining with socialites, the two enjoy spending quality time with one another in their black-clad estate in Cape Town, South Africa.


They have a pet black mamba snake named Noir, whom they have an interestingly affectionate relationship with. And they also have three delightful tarantulas, Coal, Soot and Onyx.

Mrs. Swart imported the freakishly rare black rose from Halfeti, Turkey and has nurtured and cultivated her own thriving bush. This is her biggest pride and passion. Her extremely rare, intensely black roses are her babies.

Mr. Swart has a penchant for dark art and loves to paint. In high school, he began collecting every shade of black paint he came across. To this day, he continues to add to his remarkable collection, which is currently the largest in the world.

One of their favourite things to do as a couple is stay up past midnight and, using their homemade spirit board, attempt to connect with the undead. They believe that this practice has been a great bonding experience for the two of them.

profile 2.0

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