It’s what happens when you combine two unlik­ely entities.

 It’s the magic and chemistry that ignites between the two when they come together for periods longer than 12 hours.

 The result: an ultra smooth, sophisticated cold brew coffee with a kick that steadily follows.

 Cold Brew Coffee

Swart is not iced coffee. It’s cooler than that.

Swart is distinct, unlike regular coffee and iced coffee, it is an unconventional romance between the finest single origin coffee and cool filtered water. It’s steeped in the purified water for up to 24 hours, depending on the character of the bean. This creates an intensely refreshing, full-body extraction.  

 Swart cold brew coffee comes with benefits.

 //Swart is smoother than your regular cup of Joe, with a complex flavour profile to boast about.

 //As a result of time and maturity, Swart is well balanced, naturally sweet and low on acidity.

 //Its charm lies in the highly concentrated and powerful caffeine content, which slowly seeps through its elegant character.

 //Swart is high in antioxidants due to its cool nature, and completely without any additives or sweeteners.


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