what’s happening?

In terms of the brief, we have to create a microsite (basically a website) with a couple of content rich pages for the product/brand.

pages we’ve decided to create (actual titles yet to be decided):
About (background)
Cold Brew (what it is, what it does – benefits)
The Process (how this specific brew is made)
How To (a sophisticated infographic illustrating different ways to enjoy/serve Swart)
Mr. & Mrs. Swart (profiles – maybe link it to their respective Twitter accounts)

Then, out of the ‘Video’ or ‘App’ option stipulated by the brief, we’ve decided on making a video. The video will be about Mr. & Mrs. Swart. It celebrates ‘black’, ‘cool’, ‘sophistication’ and the ‘unconventional’  – Swart, personified through a cold, unconventional ‘power couple’. The video will play to the soundtrack of ‘Paint it black’ by The Rolling Stones. This will be a cool way to launch Swart, and to immediately set the tone of the product. With the video, we are aiming to highlight the self-expressive and aspirational benefits of Swart.

The final deliverable is the Online Campaign.
So far, we have decided to give both Mr. and Mrs. Swart their own twitter accounts whereby they’ll regularly update their status’ in a somewhat quirky fashion, which will highlight their signified personalities, akin to that of Mortitia and Gomez Addams – elicit dark humour.

what’s happening?

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