Research: Cold brew article by Rachel Sanders from Bon Apétit


Coffee, like bourbon and Disney musicals, is different on ice: a little smoother, a bit more seductive, with a kick that sneaks up on you. And iced-coffee enthusiasts (i.e., everyone) have found even more to swoon over with cold brew now seemingly everywhere. Made by steeping ground beans in room-temperature water overnight, it produces bold, intense flavour with less acid and more velvety sweetness.

“Cold brewing is simpler and much more forgiving than just cooling down coffee,” says Grady Laird, co-owner of Grady’s Cold Brew. “Plus it tastes better: It’s smoother, without the bite associated with hot coffee. In the end, it’s more refreshing–and when it’s 95 degrees outside, that’s what matters.” Word.

Listen: With monstrous caffeinated slushies and other dubious drink variants proliferating, you don’t want to go sucking on just any straw. That’s why we, along with every barista and bean geek in the country right now, count on this method for consistent iced-coffee excellence. Your usual coffee blend will work just fine with our recipe, but we found that lighter roasts make for a less bitter drink.

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Article source:

Research: Cold brew article by Rachel Sanders from Bon Apétit

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